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My friends, I have one simple mission in mind… My goal is to take as many people that want success with online marketing. I will tell you that I’ve been truly blessed with this skill set of… online marketing

I’m Back From The Mountains

The Cabin

Want to share a huge accomplishment… Folks, this blog that you are reading was sandbox by Google. In case, you are wondering what sandbox means…

Get Ready Small Business Owners For a Mobile Blogging Lead System

Mobile Blogging Lead System

This mobile blogging lead system is going to allow business owners dominate their online presence. I know that it is difficult for most business owners to put in place a lead generation system. That is why this mobile blogging lead system was created.

Business Owners Are You Neglecting This?

Business Owners Are You Neglecting This

Right now, I’m speaking to those that own a business… Why is it that most individuals that are in business for themselves neglect the #1 component? Do you know what that is?

There Are No Excuses For Not Blogging!

No Excuses For Not Blogging

You are probably wondering what the heck am I talking about? I want you to check this out! Have you ever been on the road when you get an amazing idea for a blog post?

BREAKING NEWS ALERT! Re: Major Launch Today at 3 pm EST

mobile blogging system

I’m going to keep this basic and simple… Here is the deal, If you follow what I’m about to share with you. You can have a huge increase in your income this month.

Something Big Is About To Happen… Don’t Get Left Out!

are you ready

I will start by saying I’ve been blessed with the skill set of online marketing. I’ve helped so many companies generate online sales over the years. I still today, continue to help companies.

Most Business Owners Sites Are Not SEO SILO Structured

SEO SILO Structured

Let’s face it… Most don’t even know what SEO SILO is. For those that do, they know it sucks creating SEO SILO sites. Now why you can’t ignore it?

Small Business Owners Are You Taking Advantage of Your Local Online Marketing


Are you taking advantage of your local online marketing? I know the answer is… NO! That is why…

3 Components You Can Use Right Now To Create Extra Income Online

3 Components You Can Use Right Now To Create Extra Income Online

Don’t know why individuals that are wanting to generate income online purchase everything. I will tell you that you could start generating an income with 3 simple components. When I got started with online marketing, I didn’t have a lot of money to spend on fancy gadgets or toys. Because of that, I was forced […]