Real Estate Professionals Critical Information You Can’t Afford To Miss When Generating Leads Online

by Josh Garcia

real estate professionalsReal estate professionals learning how to generate leads online today is a must for you to learn!

What I’m about to share with you in this post is going to help you not only to increase your business, but to dominate your local market.

It doesn’t matter where you are… You could be in the US, Canada, or anywhere around the world. As long as people are using the internet to search for information.

You Will Win Every Single Time!

Plus, I will tell you that it doesn’t matter if you just got your real estate license today and you are a newbie. You will generate leads!

Now, are you ready for the best part?

When you learn how to effectively use online tools for marketing. You will be perceived as an authority real estate expert in your local market regardless of your time in the business.

That is correct – Regardless Of Your Time In The Business

For 4 years now, I’ve been consulting, managing, and teaching major corporations across the US and Canada how to dominate with lead generation systems. I will tell you that I’ve seen a lot and used very expensive tools that cost six figure to purchase and implement.

I see many patterns while working with these major corporations. I’ve seen what’s risky, what’s safe, what’s difficult to implement, and what’s simple to implement.

One thing that I’ve seen over and over again that simply dominates when it comes to lead generation:

There are Components That are Fast, Easy, & Cost

Effective in Generating Leads Without

Breaking The Bank

There are hundreds and thousands of sellers and buyers that are waiting to connect with you, but you must understand how to connect with them online.

And because I was in the real estate business in the early 2000’s, I can relate with so many of you when it comes to generating business.

I started out by going after my friends and family… Until I ran out of friends and family. I laugh about it right now, but I clearly remember sitting at my kitchen table praying for answers.

I didn’t have the dollars to do print marketing, get a full page advertisement in the local papers, or pay a radio station for a 10 second ad spot.

What changed for me was hearing about SEO and Google Adwords at that time. I studied and implemented everything I was learning.

Guess What?


Now, of course the way you to go to market for today’s online has a changed a lot. In other words, it has gotten easier. Since there are a great number of affordable tools to use when implementing an online marketing strategy.

Since most real estate professionals do business locally and not nationally, it does make it so much easier for local online marketing.

I know one thing, that there are more real estate transactions going on in the spring & summer than fall or winter. If you are living in areas where the winter time is not that bad like in Florida. Then real estate transactions occurs all year round.

Of course, as the weather warms up this summer, people are going to move up and look for new ones (listing & buyer). Then you have those that never owned a home before and they are going to be out in the market looking for homes this summer.

I’m going to be sharing with you online marketing information about what’s happening today in the minds of home buyers. What are they looking for? How do they find it?

This information is key for real estate professionals, businesses, and retailers to use and dominate!

Let’s begin this journey together by allowing me to help you in the right direction so you can dominate your local market.

Go Ahead and Share With Me, “How Can I Help You Learn More About Generating Leads Everyday Using the Internet”

Plus, as a gift for answering this question, I’m emailing you a whitepaper sharing 6 opportunities that is occurring right now with home buyers. You will know where your consumers are and what they are looking for online.

Looking Forward To Working Together With You,

Josh Garcia
“Chase Your Dreams”

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