How to Find Your Customers in 5 Minutes or Less

by Josh Garcia

finding customersA simple way to compete with multi-million dollar corporations and still dominate your local market.

Most of us cannot imagine life without Google and certainly never want to return to life before Google.

Gone are the days of endlessly searching for information on the library shelves, flipping through page after page in the Encyclopedia Britannica and trying desperately to decipher the Dewey Decimal System (some of you remember this?).

Today, Google offers free searches on any topic, business listing or any general information that may be needed. Aside from the searches, Google Adwords is one of the most powerful marketing tools for companies to use to increase website traffic and grow revenue.

Yet, so many still don’t take advantage of it!

The sites listed at the top and down the right side of the web page of a Google search are paid advertisements. Major corporations and businesses pay thousands and some pay millions to have their business listed at the top of the web page every time a search is generated.

7 Tips to Finding New Customers with Google AdWords

Florida entrepreneur Josh Garcia wants businesses to learn how to take advantage of finding new customers and generating revenue without taking time away from their business.

  1. Login to your Google Adwords account. If you’ve never created one, it will take about five minutes to set it up. Simply follow the prompts.
  2. Go to Tools at the top of the Google page (not the website browser).
  3. Choose Keyword Planner.
  4. Enter a keyword word search for your business.
    Example: Dentist, Real Estate Agent, Home Inspector, etc.
  5. Enter your geographic location.
    The location will populate if you have created an account.Once the search is complete, all of the available keywords will be displayed showing keywords of how people are searching.
    Example: If your search is for Home Inspectors, notice the average searches a month. Then you may see Home Inspector Jobs, Home Inspector Salary, etc.
  6. Click the Adgroup Ideas
    This tab reveals how people are searching.
    Example: If your search is Home Inspectors, this tab will show keywords based on searches of people who may want to become a home inspector or inquiring about salaries of home inspectors.
  7. Go back to the original search (Hint: Big Reveal) and add in your location with the keyword search.
    Example: Florida Home Inspectors, Orange County Home Inspectors,This specific search provides other keys words associated with your search and the amount of people needing this service.

How Many Customers Do You Need?

By simply adding in your location along with the relevant keyword search, Google Adwords tells you how many people need this service. To reach these potential customers, it is important for your Google ad to be done correctly.

When a potential customer goes to your site, make it so it is worth their time by providing them value.

Even though AdWords has limited characters, make every word count. There are thousands of companies with poorly written ads, which makes it even easier for a local business to stand above the crowd and be noticed.

That is the beauty about this strategy. So many major and mid-size companies have poorly written ads.

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