Who Else Wants to Look Like a Master at Writing Sales Copy?

by Josh Garcia

writing sales copyDo you struggle when it comes to writing sales copy for your landing page, video, radio, or TV commercial?

I know… I use to struggle with it and always had to hire a copywriter to write it for me.

If you never hired a copywriter, let me tell you that it is not cheap.

A copywriter service is very valuable and therefore, you are going to pay for it.

I currently have 2 copywriters on my team that handles all of my corporate sales copy for digital marketing projects.

You are probably asking why is it so important to have strong sale copy? In two simple word… Increases Sales!

It is amazing how words have such tremendous power when you use them correctly. Today, corporations are depending heavily on copywriters to create effective sales copy for their potential customers to purchase a product or service.

Sales copy is being used in landing pages, video sales letters, video sales presentations, email campaigns, radio ads, and TV commercial.

A well written sales copy can make or break a marketing campaign.

Do understand that there are individuals currently searching online for a solution to their problem or searching for a product, so sales copy should have the approach of providing that solution. Not an aggressive promotional approach to convince someone to buy your service or product, without telling them how it may help.

Your sales copy should state the issue your prospects are having and provide a thorough explanation of the solution. In this case, the solution is your product or service.

What I see so many self-employed, small business owners, or novice online marketers make the mistake of talking too much about their company and how great it is.

I do understand that a potential customer does need to feel comfortable about your company, but remember they are more interested in solving their problem.

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To Your Success,

Josh Garcia
‘Chase Your Dreams”

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