See How Easily You Can Overcome Information Overload…

by Josh Garcia

Overcome Informatin Overload

Yesterday evening I was chatting with someone about launching their business blog.

You see they want to start making money online and generate leads for their business. Nothing wrong with this picture. That’s what I’m doing.

Now this is where most individuals are faced with at the beginning. They spend to much time studying everything.

Stop trying to know it all

Don’t miss understand me. You do have to learn some basics to get your business blog up. But don’t try to learn everything about Copywriting, SEO, PPC, or Video Marketing.

If you are planning to launch a business blog and your main focus is going to be primarly writing content. Then hands down you want to learn about Copywriting. Don’t worry about SEO at the beginning.

Once you feel you have the rhythm of writing content. Then start learning the basics of SEO. So you can start implementing it to your content. Now, if you are going to primarly do Video Marketing. Learn it first, then dive into SEO.

Don’t do the mistake of getting yourself so confused by diving into all the programs that are available and then do nothing with it. Starting out you don’t need to have all of the information to jump start your business blog.

The down affect of information overload

This is what I do know when you are faced with information overload. You can have the tendency to get lazy. Let me explain, you sit down and just keep on feeding yourself with information without you even thinking about implementing it.

The goal is not to be the Guru overnight. I know individuals that try to look like a guru. I’ll be the first to tell you that I don’t know everything about Copywriting, SEO, Video Marketing, or PPC.

What I do know is take action and learn in the process of performing. As I’m performing and learning, why not share the information with fellow internet marketers.

Do you enjoy eating?

I heard this analogy about information overload and it stuck with me. Primarily because it deals with food and I enjoy eating.

Think of information as food and when you over eat you don’t feel to good. When you eat too much you can get lazy and sick sometimes. Therefore you eat in moderation or small portions so your stomach can digest it.

Well, information overload does have the same affect. You feel sick over time. Just some of the feelings can be lost of focus, frustration, or depression.

Having the symptoms of information overload can even shut you down from being creative.

How to prevent it

The best way to prevent information overload as you are going through blog post, forums, or information you purchased. Is make sure you save the information you just read into file or by bookmarking it for later use.

Now, if what you just read sounds cool but you are not at that level of implementing it yet…Save it and move on!

The secret is to take what you currently know and implement it ASAP. Once you get going with your business blog, content, or video you’ll start to dig back to some of the materials you’ve read.

Don’t get paralyzed in the early stages of implementing your business blog. Develop your momentum and learn in the process. By using this strategy you’ll be gradually be educating yourself.

Before you know it, you’ll know more and understand it so you can educate others.

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To Your Success,

Josh Garcia

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What are some other strategies you use to prevent information overload?

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