Network Marketing Opportunity: 7 Steps On How To Overcome Fear

by Josh Garcia

overcoming fear

Network Marketing Opportunity: The Number One Killer That Is Holding You From Achieving Anything….

Are you able to achieve your goals? Are you one that want to assure you have a bright future in your network marketing business? Having a development plan to achieve your goals is vital for your success.

The number one reason most won’t get pass their initial start line…fear of failure or doubt.

There are many kinds of fears. These can be as extreme as phobias. An individual can have fear towards a specific thing like ghosts, dogs, water or something else.

There are yet other fears, like the fear of speaking to strangers, starting something new, public speaking, flying and many more. Even though the list of fears can be endless and a particular fear may have different meanings and manifestations for each individual, the strategies that can be used to overcome fear are fairly similar.

Here are 7 steps to overcome fear:

  1. Doubt – don’t open the door or make an agreement with it. Make a decision whether you are going to agree with faith or agree with doubt.
  2. Be 100% committed. Commitment destroys fear and doubt. Stay with your plan and fight through adversity.
  3. Surround yourself with like-minded individuals, people with vision and dreams who are awake and stirred to do great things.
  4. Keep yourself moving forward in action mode. Lack of action creates idleness which opens the door to fear.
  5. Stay involved by plugging into tools that increase your skills and feed your belief system. Listen to conference calls and CD’s, attend seminars. Protect and feed the growth that you are experiencing.
  6. Practice your core skill sets daily. Focus on your highest and best use of time, the activity that gets you the greatest results. If you’re in any kind of sales profession, that means spending most of your time attracting (advertising and interviewing) and talking (presenting) to new prospects.
  7. Make the decision to never quit. Once quitting is not an option, there is no room for fear.

You have to grasp fear and steer it to the direction you want, not the direction fear is leading you to. Your future depends on you and if you overcome fear or doubt you will accomplish everything you set out in front of you.

Secret to Overcoming Fear

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