Are You Using This Online Traffic Generation Method?

by Josh Garcia

Online Traffic Generation Method

Generating online traffic is probably the most sought out question most bloggers or internet marketers ask.

I know that this is the most common question ask by internet marketers and bloggers…How can I drive more traffic to my blog?

With so many free ebooks available there are a lot of question floating around this topic.

I do understand that some techniques can be a little bit more intimidating…SEO and Paid Traffic

However, I’m going to share with you one of my favorite ways to generating free online traffic. I know you’ve already heard that you can generate traffic from article marketing and video marketing.

You might be using these methods right now to generate your traffic. They work!

I want to share with you a method that works just like the other two that I mentioned, but it is not being utilize correctly.

The folks that do know how to use it are generating a good amount of traffic. Now, if you are starting out don’t jump from one method to another. The best way to generate traffic is by mastering one or two methods before moving on.

OK, here it is….Facebook marketing has to be one of my favorite ways to generate traffic.

The most important factor when using Facebook is knowing how to connect with the right people. Let me share with you the mistakes that I see individuals make.

1. Not defining your market: Before you start adding everyone and their mother to your friend list. Know who is your target audience. This is most likely the biggest mistake I see individuals make. When you are able to laser target your audience you will be able to make money and generate leads.

2. Become an active Facebook user: By being active it will allow people to notice you. Connect and interact with other fellow individuals in your market. You’ll be surprise how much they will help you syndicate your content.

3. Share valuable tips in your status: It amazes me how many times I see individuals sharing information from crazy Facebook games. You want to share your expertise, blog post or other blogger’s post. Not some level you just completed from one of those crazy games.

Understand that Facebook is nothing more than a huge database. When you know how to maneuver through Facebook not only are you going to generate leads but be prepare to make money as well.

Here is a video I came across this morning. It doesn’t have to do with Facebook marketing.

However, it does deal with making money with your blog from Darren Rowse. I found it that it does contain some great valuable information that you can apply it within your Facebook marketing strategy.

Let me hear from you, Do you use Facebook as a marketing tool to generate traffic?

To Your Success,

Josh Garcia

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