How To Succeed In Network Marketing Recruiting…

by Josh Garcia

network marketing recruiting

Network Marketing Recruiting

First, why most network marketers Fail?

It is a very important issue and needs to be address that the actual reason most people won’t succeed in owning a network marketing business is simple. Most people who enter network marketing are not born salesmen, traders or recruiters.

Thus, when you need these skills to sell products and sponsor new distributors to earn money and not have the right skills, it is clear that the failure rate increases. The great news…this can be taught!

Normally, when the business owner struggles in the new network marketing business and finds it difficult to sell the product or sponsor new members they do one of two things. They leave and continue working at their jobs or continue to lose money and follow the same advice that their sponsor is telling them who has no clue.

How marketing should be

NEVER BUY LEADS! If you intend to bring the serious and motivated people to help build your team you must learn to market and generate your own leads. The first step before spending money on programs or gadgets is to educate yourself first on attraction marketing. This is done using the internet and positioning yourself to be found by people looking for what you have to offer.

The nightmare of recruitment

When it comes to network marketing recruiting most people fear or want to prevent rejection. The problem lies not in the fear of the Networker, but the advice given by their sponsor and other members of the organization. Usually, the advice given is to cold calls and buy leads. Most of the people from lead generating companies have already been contacted and are simply not opportunity lead seekers and not necessarily the most qualified anyway.

The goal in recruitment is to be in a position of control. So when you are marketing yourself and positioning yourself as a leader, the prospects that you speak to will already be half sold on you. Reason is because they have found you while looking for a solution for their pain. All you have to do is filter them out if you want to work with them. This puts you in the driver seat.

So now the ball is in your court. When you talk to the prospect you are in absolute control. Most likely they found you because they where looking for a solution. You are now in a position to help them out. Your attitude is different because you are in the position of helping. You dictate the tone of the conversation. Remember that you are interviewing the prospect if you want to work with them in your company.

It would be like a job interview you’ve been in the past. The interviewer asks questions and wants to see if you are a good fit for the company. That is why it is called attraction marketing, only a few network marketers know how to use it.

The big problem of recruitment

I’ve even seen individuals with prospects on the phone and still have had little success. The reason being most marketers are doing what others are doing…Not taking control of the phone call. Normally, most marketers fail in recruitment because they screw up on the phone. They need to lead by asking questions, listening, and letting the prospect do the talking.

You have to look at this from a psychological approach. You see, people who join network marketing, don’t do it to be cool with their associates, but rather to have someone who can help them succeed. When you understand this approach you’ll be able to talk with your prospects and get in position of a leader. However, don’t let fear of rejection frighten you but understand there will always be people who simply do not join you or your company.

Making things easier with the internet

Marketing and Lead Generation Online allows you to be found by those who are looking for your solution. So most of the time when talking to a prospect they are already screened and sold on you. Heck, sometimes you may even be able to get sign-ups without having to talk to a person.

Some keys to remember:

1. Never buy leads
2. Build your own lead generation
3. You’re in control
4. Lead with value
5. Show your potential customers and prospects how you can help
6. Never drive with your company, compensation plan, the founders or product.
7. Never go into needy mode
8. Be prepared to let some people go on the phone
9. Be a leader
10. Always invest in yourself

Here is a great video serious that talks about attraction marketing…It’s available for free! Attraction Marketing

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To Your Success,

Josh Garcia

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