Is There an Advantage to Using Trackbacks?

by Josh Garcia

Trackbacks and Pingbacks

Building backlinks with Trackbacks or Pingbacks

If you are reading this, I’m sure you’ve heard of trackbacks or pingbacks.

Let me share a strategy that is just as effective as commenting on other blogs.

When you know how simple these strategies are to implement. You’ll be asking yourself why didn’t I implement this earlier.

If you are looking to add more links to your blog. You can simply start commenting on similar blogs to accomplish this.

Blog commenting hands down is a powerful tool to use when looking at driving traffic to your blog…There is no question it will give you visibility.

What if you don’t have the time to comment on other blogs?

The strategy I’m going to share with you is just as powerful and less time consuming.

What is Trackbacks and Pingbacks?

Information about Pingbacks and Trackbacks

For those that seek more knowledge about blogging pingbacks and trackbacks, find a quick explanation below from the blogging masters WordPress.

Why are trackbacks or pingbacks valuable for traffic

When you use a trackback/pingback it increase the visibility of your personal blog. If you have trackbacks pointing to your blog it seems more credible.

When someone takes your post and use it on their blog with a link pointing back to your blog. This informs readers about your blog.

The chances of readers visiting your blog is high especially if they use it the same way I did above.

Also, every trackback made, assuming it is a legitimate one adds credibility to your blog. Do realize that some trackbacks are spam, especially if they are there only to link to another site.

Simple way to increase your numbers of trackbacks

If you post frequently, then you won’t have a  problem. What I mean by frequently 2-3 times a week. Make sure that your post is good quality. Bloggers will trackback to post that are easy to read and not boring.

Make sure that the trackback link provides value to your readers. You don’t want it to look like spam.

If you trackback to a blog that has no relevant to your blog. There is a good change that the notification is going to be removed. The blog owner usually has to approve before publishing it on their blog.

The main reason for this, no one wants to find their blog to be targeted for spam. If you are providing value to readers and the blog author, your request will be approved and now you have an incoming link to your blog.

Understand that this strategy works well when you are receiving a good number of visitors. It also depends how often you create quality posts.

Go enjoy receiving those trackbacks and providing links to other authors. :)

To Your Success,

Josh Garcia

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