Is Guest Blogging Really Worth it?

by Josh Garcia

Guest Blogging

Are you wondering if guest blogging really worth your time?

In case you don’t know what is guest blogging…I’ll explain it in very simple words.

By being a guest blogger you have the ability to generate new exposure by being in front of new readers. The best part it creates instant credibility with the new audience since the owner of the blog trust your content to be in front of their audience.

Believe it or not guest blogging is another form of generating traffic to your blog. If you are looking to increase the momentum to your blog look for blogs where the owner allows guest posting. Now, you want to look for blogs that are well known and have a good traffic flow.

Why would someone would allow guest posting on their blog?

When I first heard about this I really didn’t understand why would a blog owner allow this.

My friends, it is a win/win for the blog owner and the guest. The blog owner understand that by putting up high quality blog post it will give their readers additional exposure to new information.

How do you become a guest blogger?

Do you remember the post I created on networking with other bloggers? If not…Networking with Bloggers

A quick simple way is by getting to know the blogger first. Get a good feel for what the blog is about, the audience, and the topics.

I’m going to share with you a simple strategy to get their attention:

When you are visiting their blog make sure you read their posts. Click on the tabs and get a good feel for who they are. Don’t forget to comment on their posts.

Now, if you are writing a topic and they have a post that will flow with yours. Go ahead and create a link to their blog post. This will create a Trackback. Every blog owner looks at their Trackbacks. :)

Finally send them an email introducing yourself. By this time they will somewhat recognize who you are.

All you are doing here is becoming a friend. When the time is right, approach them that you’ll like to write a guest post for their blog.

Just one caution, “Make Sure You Have High Quality Work Within Your Blog!” They will be checking your stuff out and what kind of community you have developed.

Not all blog owners will allow guest posting. So don’t get down if they say, ‘No, Thank You!’

If they are willing to accept a post from you, make sure you are going to deliver your top notch work.

I want you to check this guest blog post:

5 Blogging Tips That Will Give You Leads and Put Money in Your

If you are wondering if there are secrets in generating leads and making money with a blog. Then the secret is going to be led out… 😉 My friends, yes.

This guest post came out yesterday and I was able to generate a good amount of unique visitors to this blog. :) Thanks Ty!

So, “is guest blogging really worth it?” YOU BET IT IS!

To Your Success,

Josh Garcia

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