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Josh GarciaHi, my name is Josh Garcia.  Thanks for checking out my site.  Here is some info about me:  I’ve been in business since 2002.  I jumped in not knowing anything about business.  I just knew that I had to take a risk and follow my heart.

I ran several businesses from real estate to online business.  Today I run multiple online businesses.  When someone ask me what kind of business should I start?  I only speak about online business since it takes a very low budget or risk to start one.

Now my main focus is online marketing for business owners.  What you will find on this site is information to help you move your business forward or to start a business.  The training you will receive is information that I have applied or currently applying to my business.  This information can be applied to any business out there.

I will be covering information on marketing tips and techniques, mindset of being a business owner, and time management.  You see all of this information is very important to know when running a business.  I will be providing training not just from post in this site but from video and webinars.

Personal Info about me:

I am married to a wonderful wife that supports our business.  I like to tell people she is my secret weapon in business.  She is a very savvy business woman.  We both own a successful online marketing business.

I am a christian and teach the values that were laid out for centuries.  I do use biblical principles to run my business.   I couldn’t have accomplished what I have today without his strength and guidance.

I believe that today more than ever people want to increase their household income or supplement their income.  Individuals should have multiple streams of income.  We were put on this earth to be successful and to teach others how to achieve their greatness.

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To Your Success,

Josh Garcia

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