common mistakes5 Common Mistakes Business Owners Are Making with Their Content

Most businesses are dropping the ball when it comes to content marketing.

Providing content is so important for generating leads and building an audience, but it’s usually the first thing an entrepreneur will want to ignore.

Types of Content

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internet concept3 Quick Tips to Using Social Media and Dominating Your Market

Your website is built and you have started gaining some leverage with customers, but you find you are sorely lacking traffic and have no idea what is needed to increase your following.

What Should You Do?

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Technology in the handsBecome an authority in your local area, and learn how to break down the online marketing madness.

Whether you have a start-up or an established business, online marketing should be one of the many tools in your arsenal for finding new customers.

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finding customersA simple way to compete with multi-million dollar corporations and still dominate your local market.

Most of us cannot imagine life without Google and certainly never want to return to life before Google.

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Real Estate Professionals Critical Information You Can’t Afford To Miss When Generating Leads Online

Real estate professionals learning how to generate leads online today is a must for you to learn! What I’m about to share with you in this post is going to help you not only to increase your business, but to dominate your local market. It doesn’t matter where you are… You could be in the […]

Who Else Wants to Look Like a Master at Writing Sales Copy?

Do you struggle when it comes to writing sales copy for your landing page, video, radio, or TV commercial? I know… I use to struggle with it and always had to hire a copywriter to write it for me. If you never hired a copywriter, let me tell you that it is not cheap.

Is Online Marketing Really What You Need to Study?

Is Online Marketing The Answer

I will start by saying… It feels awesome, writing on this blog! Let’s start by giving you a quick snapshot of what went on since my last blog post. I never disappeared from the online scene. I’m a full-time online marketer.

Veterans Day 2013 Free Meals For Veterans

Veterans Day 2013 Free Meals

Do you know that there are restaurants that like to honor those that served during Veterans Day 2013? I have compile a list of participating restaurants or facilities that over deals for veterans.

Top Facebook Marketing Strategy Leaked

facebook marketing strategy

I am going to share with you private recorded sessions that are leaked! Do you run any Facebook ads? Are you having trouble converting with Facebook ads?

Want To Succeed? Do Whatever It Takes!

Thumbnail image for Want To Succeed? Do Whatever It Takes!

You are probably wondering what the heck am I talking about? One of the reason, I do so well with online marketing… It is because I study successful marketers mindset and patterns.